Love, respect and self-esteem are the solution to most of the Problems facing Black people

Origin of the Problem: Slavery and colonialism inflicted hatred and inferiority complex in the minds of the black people and more important mistruth amongst blacks. The negative effects of this brainwashed are still obstructing the process of building strong black communities and countries.

  1. If we blacks do not love each other, how are the others going to love us?
  2. If we blacks do not respect each other, how can we expect others to respect us?
  3. If we blacks do no support and encourage successful blacks, how can we expect others to appreciate them?
  4. If we blacks do not have solidarity amongst ourselves why do we expect it from others?
  5. If we blacks do not patronize black business, how are we going to create jobs for the future generation?
  6. LOVE, RRESPECT and SOLIDARITY amongst Black people are keys to our progress.


Business culture

  1. Chinese Businesses employ Chinese people; the Turkish businesses employ Turks. If blacks do not build up their own businesses, who will employ the black people?
  2. Why should we blame others that they are racist to us, when many blacks do not love, respect and treat each other the way they expect others to treat us blacks?
  3. In order for us blacks to change the fate of our future generation, we have to start building strong black communities that are based on respect for each other, honesty, truth and solidarity. Nobody will do it for us.


Sacrifice, hard work and patience

  1. Some black people copy the same methods the whites used to exploit the blacks and use them today to exploit their own black brothers and sisters. Then they turn around and point fingers at others.
  2. There is no success without hard work. Many of us believe that investing more and more time in praying solves sooner or later all our problems. Consider the Proverb that says: Help yourself First and God will Help You.
  3. We HAVE to sacrifice a lot of time in order to build our own successful black communities. Let’s stop the mistake and think that others will do the job for us. Why should they?
  4. Those successful blacks who are indifferent to the everyday misery and suffering of many blacks be it in Africa or in the diaspora are making a big mistake. The society will always remind you of your black origin.
  5. Let’s get together and solve the problems that prevent our progress.

Veye Tatah